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2011 TMGA11 Resources

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Information from TeachMeetGA 2011:

PleaseSupport our generous 2011 sponsors!


Twitter Handles of 2011 Presenters 


Recordings from TeachMeetGA 2011

Look below the large window that says "offline" to see thumbnails for sections of the event. 
Check the schedule for each day to get an idea what is on each recording. It will give you some idea of how far to fast forward to get to something you specifically want to see.


TMGA Smackdown Doc from Friday's session - http://bit.ly/tmgasmack

TMGA Smackdown Doc from Saturday's session - http://bit.ly/tmgasmacksat


2011: Twitter Handles for Presenters at TMGA11


2011: Friday's Schedule (January 21, 2011) The schedule also includes links to material/resources shared by presenters. Archived video links will be added later.


2011: Saturday's Schedule (January 22, 2011) Links to material/resources shared by presenters will be added throughout the day. Archived video links will be added later.


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