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Jenn Forager: Virtual Field Trips

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I am Janalee Redmond, of Bethesda, MD
also known as my avatar: Jenn Forager in Second Life

     Jenn is:



  • Community Manager and Executive Producer for Metanomics
  •           which is an interview program exploring emerging opportunities in the Metaverse

    Hosted by Robert Bloomfield, Professor of Accounting ( Webmail)


    Johnson School of Management


    Cornell University






  • Lead Innovator, Weekly Meet-up: Tools.Jam



    Many Virtual Worlds, we will be in Second Life

    Links can be found here: http://diigo.com/0mms5


    Notes for Virtual Field Trips are in a Goggle Docs here: http://diigo.com/0mmso

    Second Life Destination Guide: http://secondlife.com/destinations/academic


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